Learn From Experts. In-Person or Online.

Learning Period only hires tutors with a minimum of 5 years educational experience. This ensures we can offer tailored instruction to every student, every grade, and every subject.

How It Works

1. Determine what type of tutoring your child needs.
2. Use the booking form to make an appointment. Optionally, you may call to discuss options.
3. Your tutor arrives at the requested day and time.
our Tutoring

Differentiated services to support every type of learner

AP Courses
  • Helping students keep up with homework
  • Helping decide which APs to take
College Planning
  • Helping students find scholarships
  • Helping students decide which schools to apply
Executive Functioning
  • Helping students “learn how to learn”
  • Help with motivation, attention, and task completion
General Ed Courses
  • Standard tutoring and homework help.
  • Parents can choose how few or many hours are needed
  • Helping students study for upcoming tests
Study Skills
  • Helping students with task management
  • Helping students break down larger projects into smaller chunks
  • Helping students decide which test to take, and when
  • Bespoke study materials tailored to students’ practice test scores

Some of Our Reviews...

My first experience with my new tutor was amazing. She was very thorough, patient and understanding. She put my heart at ease with my concerns about my son. I'm excited about his journey and looking forward to his progress. I would recommend Learning Period to everyone!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!

Denise J.

Reyna helped to find the right tutor for my kids, we hit a few bumps along the way but she came through at last

Benny S.

My son's test scores improved after the first week, as did his confidence. Thank you!

Amy M.

I needed math tutoring for my son and hired Addy and Lilit for my son. I was very satisfied with his improvement and even more importantly, he was excited to finally get it.

Barbara T.

Fantastic tutoring. Reyna and her crew have helped my daughter score very well in her SATs, and my sons were miraculously saved from failing Algerbra 2 and Chemistry by her last minute intensive intervention! She works very hard, is very personable and truly cares. Book her!

Frankie T.

Rayna was very understanding and pleasant over the phone. She was confident that we would like the tutor she was suggesting for my son and she was absolutely correct. Ivan is mature, respectful, organized and goal oriented. He relates well with my teenage son. He encourages my son to challenge himself and offers great advice. Thank you Rayna.

Vicky B.